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Monday, October 13, 2008


Craig Kantrowitz

One day you're going to read what you wrote and you're going to cringe, along with putting yourself to sleep, which is what you should do (sleep on it) the next time you get the idea to write something like this. Get over yourself, and most importantly, get a hold of yourself. It's only a movie.


Hey, didn't read all of this, but I had a similar reaction to ESSM. I'd never had a movie hit me as hard emotionally as that one. So I guess I'm looking forward to seeing Synechdode?


Craig: I had slept on it, and I don't cringe any differently than from the actual reaction I had to the film. There's nothing about "myself" to get over -- it was a reaction. And without knowing you at all, I can tell that your empathy for others is tremendous. Enjoy your myopic world.


I just saw Synechdode on dvd and now have insomnia. Reading this reaction has helped me process the movie enough to try and get some rest, so thanks for sharing.


this is the greatest movie that I will never reccommend to anyone. It's too viciously personal and emotionally startling. I truly love where it has taken me and yet I too am afraid to watch it again.

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