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Thursday, April 24, 2008



The Behind the Screens discussion for Under Our Skin sounds fascinating! Will the video of the discussion ever be available online?

Thank you for your hard work and support for the Lyme community.


Thank you so much for your dedicated efforts to get Under Our Skin shown. I'm wondering if there will be any video of the Behind the Scenes discussion? Will NBC be airing it? Or might it be available at the Tribeca website in the future?
Thanks, again.

Karen in California

Thank you so much for helping to bring this film to the public's attention, wish I was nearby so I could attend, but will be waiting for it to be shown here on the west coast. I am wondering also if there will be video of the discussion available online, as I (and I'm sure many other people) would be very interested in seeing it. Thank you for what you are doing, truly.


Under Our Skin is developing a lot of comments over at The Film Panel Notetaker, where A.M. Peters has notes from the panel. I welcome you to continue to the discussion there:


I have only seen the trailor of under our skin.. i am very sick with lyme disease and would like my family and friends to see this movie.. could you tell me where it is playing? I am in Minnesota...thankyou very much


LYME DISEASE FILM MAKING A BIG DIFFERENCE FOR PATIENTS. There is now a briefing on Capitol Hill September 24th thanks to this incredible movie. For anyone who is following Under Our Skin, the documentary about Lyme disease. Check out this website and all the news stories on the film.

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