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Wednesday, January 16, 2008



I don't get it! You talked about Hairspray at length and mentioned all the "stars" but not once did you mention the real STAR of the show...Tracy Turnblad...Shannon Durig who has been playing the role on Broadway for over a year and just had her 1000th performance! Everyone talks about Rikki Lake, Marissa and NIKKI Blonsky...but no one ever talks about Shannon! I went to see the show before the movie was released and Shannon Durig was stunning! She is a true star! I had the luck of getting backstage passes and met with the cast and EVERYONE said that Shannon was the best Tracy EVER! And the best to work with. They said when she is gone, they dread it because the U/S was not very good...(michelle is no longer the understudy thank god). It is really sad that all of the celebreties that play the supporting roles are always mentioned as stars, but the current Broadway str is totally ignored! Maybe she just needs a better publicity Agent! Sorry, but this really bothers me! She must be good if she has had this role for so long!


Jeanne: I don't actually disagree with you much at all in regards to Shannon Durig, who I thought was good in the role. I wouldn't say she totally blew me away, but she's more than competent and did a good job. But what I was talking about was the very fact that the rest of the show had been around so long that the producers decided -- whether for ticket sales help or creative invigoration (and I would guess the former) -- to start stunt casting. One person can carry a show, but not when there is so much working against him/her. In discussing the current Broadway production of Hairspray, I was talking about what is wrong with the show at this point -- nearly six years and over 2000 performances into its run -- and Durig is one of the few elements that does not fall into that category. There are lots of really talented people performing on Broadway in shows that have overstayed their welcomes (including some, I'm sure, in Rent), and many of them are done a disservice by crappy stunt casting.

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