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Great piece, Aaron... the difference between Letterman's eulogizing and that of Leno's was the difference between a friend's vantage point and that of a stranger. Letterman's affection for the great Carson was touching and sincere -- and it reminded us why Carson was, and is, such a revered figure in TV.


aa: thanks for this -- so true, and way more thought-out than what i was able to get into on slate today. i haven't been so moved by letterman in years -- as you say, it was lovely that he had a genuinely celebratory, upbeat tone, like, let's be happy about this person's life, not act fake-sad about the fact that he's gone. and the old tonight show clip where carson's people stole letterman's beat-up truck and had it towed into the studio? awesome. looking forward to what conan has to say tonight (and what you have to say about it.) i don't know how you feel about conan, but i've always liked him -- i think he knows how to be himself, though it's a pretty weird self.

middle america

how are you so sophisticated? i mean really?! c'mon, what's your secret???


Hmmm ... well, for one thing I don't use some generic alias pretending to represent a segment of our population, nor do I type in a fake email address, so I guess that may be part of my secret. But more importantly, what the hell are you talking about? I don't think there's anything in this post claiming to be more "sophisticated" than "Middle America." (Proper name capitalization and all.) Unless for some crazy ass reason you think calling Leno less real than Letterman is an attack on "Middle America."

I hope that answered your question. Certainly makes sense to me.

middle america

The Conan appearance was good, but I would have loved to have cameras set-up in some of the middle-American living rooms (bedrooms?) that might have been watching. I don't know ... maybe he doesn't have much of a red state demo, but you've got to figure there were some people not living in the cities watching that and saying, "What the hell is going on?"

does that answer your query?


Yes it does. Now since you're obviously not sophisticated enough to know how to post comments to blogs ... you grabbed that quote from a comment of mine on Ultragrrrl's site, right? How the hell am I are anyone reading your comment on a post that doesn't say anything about "middle america" supposed to know what you're talking about. And obviously, you are unable to even understand what my comment was about, especially since it wasn't putting-down middle america or trying to claim myself as smarter than anyone. I was just saying that the performance was relatively wild, with two members of the band putting on motorcycle helmets and simply jumping around the stage smashing things that I'm sure there are some more conservative-types out there who would be baffled as to why anyone likes it.

But I'm sorry that your anonymous "middle america"-self is so insecure that you found that comment to be a criticism.

Oh, and for anyone who still doesn't understand what we're talking about because "middle america" decided to post that quote completely out of context, the "appearance" referred to has nothing to do with Letterman, Leno, Conan or Carson. It was Arcade Fire's appearance on Conan O'Brien Tuesday night.

Luckily, I'm sure none of us actually take "middle america" as a representative for middle america, because that, in fact, would be a criticism of that entire part of the country.

middle america

it sounds to me like you were saying people in middle america and/or not in cities would neither understand nor appreciate the antics of arcade fire. lucky for your smug self, you do get it. congrats.

by the way, why don't you go promote DIG! again.


Again, middle america (the person, not the place) you are welcome to follow you're little self-hatred insecure stance and consider me smug. I was saying that a lot of people in middle america and/or not in cities would think Arcade Fire was crazy, and if you think that's not true, you're nuts too. I did not say ALL, and in fact I even mentioned that I'm sure Conan has a demo that is all too aware of it. Why this bothers you so much is beyond me, and if you find me smug, don't come to my site. I couldn't care less.

As for DIG!, this is a supid little non-controversy that I have no idea why Sarah started, other to defend some friends of hers, and now Gawker's all over it. Whatever. I think you give "middle america" a bad name because you're a moron.

I'm not exactly a member of that whole downtown blogger clique although I've met several of them and think they're very nice. But this is a movie/TV/entertainment blog. I see a lot of movies, and many of them for free at various screenings. If I hadn't liked DIG!, I would not have given it a positive review no matter what the little blogger email invite said. I acknowledged in my post that I went to the premiere and anyone with half-a-brain (I'm obviously not including you Mr/Ms Anonymous can't-leave-an-email Coward) would know that I didn't pay for it. I can't speak for any of the other bloggers there, but I thought it was a very well-made and interesting movie. And while winning the audience award at Sundance and got mostly positive reviews doesn't guarantee anything, accusing anyone of being influenced of giving a good review simply for being able to see the film for free is asinine.

I hope Middle America (the place) feels welcome to read my blog. But "middle america" the person, stay away. You and your pointless, groundless criticism annoy the crap out of me.

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